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This guide is from Use this guide to start right on Marvel Strike Force.

Welcome to the Beginners Guide to Marvel Strike Force.

On a regular a basis veteran players get asked by beginners where do I start ? Who do I farm ? What do I do ? How do I spend cores ? Should I buy orbs ? I’m here to write this subreddit for beginners, with the hopes of answering any questions you may have & give you as many tips as possible to help you get to the level cap and be competitive. If I miss anything at all feel free to ask below. I’ll answer whatever questions the best I can or other veterans will chime in and answer them as well.

Who do I farm first ? To start out with farming you want to farm the best available character as fast as you can, Characters like Gamora, Kingpin, Etc. while great are available later in the game & shouldn’t be priority early on, odds are you can’t reach them. That being said I’m gonna list the top 3 characters to farm from each mode (Story, Arena, Raid)

Story (Who to farm first)

  1. Winter Soldier: he’s available really early on and IMO he’s the best attacker / damage dealer in the game & it isn’t even close. All 3 of his abilities hit like trucks, & he has the health of a tank so he isn’t squishy and won’t die on you before he’s effective. (MUST HAVE CHARACTER) Node : HEROES 3-3
  2. Yondu : he possesses one of the strongest AOE abilities in the game, he copies positive buffs from enemies, he summons minions to aid you, he hits for really good damage & is one of the best units available in the game and he’s available early. (MUST HAVE CHARACTER) Node : VILLAINS 1-9
  3. Black Widow : She dominates the current arena meta and for valid reason. She speeds teams up & possesses a guaranteed stun that charges pretty consistently and you’re able to use it pretty often. She doesn’t really pack a punch but her utility makes up for it & YOU WILL NEED HER at some point or another. (MUST HAVE CHARACTER) Node : HEROES 1-9

I would farm these 3 characters every single day. It’ll cost you a total of 180 energy a day to farm them 5 times each.

Arena (Who to farm first) I’m not a big fan of arena, I’m one of its biggest critics & with valid reason. The more you win the harder the opponents get, & eventually it’s impossible to win. You can’t beat a team 10K higher than you, it isn’t possible & that’s where arena goes wrong for me. This has been my biggest negative thing to say about arena & I will continue to do so til they make changes. Going forward now to be competitive in arena you need multiple teams, 1 team just won’t cut it. Now who to farm first this ones easy :

  1. DRAX : Easily one of the top 3 Tanks in the game, he starts the game off with taunt, this is helpful in any game mode when you want to get off your heavy hitters moves before they die. He has a ton of health to go with that, & his 3rd skill not only hits for great damage it chains to other targets, he’s the first character you should farm in the ARENA, there isn’t a close second, he should be the first unit literally you farm from the ARENA store, trust me don’t regret it &I farm somebody else first. (MUST FARM FIRST)

The last 2 slots are a toss up

  1. HAWKEYE : Eh he’s more of I need you for the iron man event than anything else. He’s great for shutting down Tanks and taking their taunts and buffs away, & he has a useful AOE that inflicts blind, causing foes to miss their next move. His problem is he’s weak, he doesn’t hit hard, & his moves don’t charge up fast enough to make him useful enough to be a priority, I would farm him off the strength of my desire to eventually get iron man (you need 5 shield units) but you’re almost always gonna find yourself with better options outside the iron man event in every other game mode.
  2. KREE ROYAL GUARD : Crossbones sucks, Kree Royal Guard is an efficient non squishy tank who can taunt at will and he’s critical for beating Villain story missions. He’s more important than Hawkeye, I’d farm him right after DRAX depending on how bad you want iron man (Note* Iron Man not only requires 5 shield units but it requires you have them starred up, which means we probably won’t have him for another couple months atleast farm KREE before Hawkeye I seriously barely use hawkeye)

Raid (who to farm first)

Alliance Raids require you be in an alliance, to my beginners you’re not gonna find an alliance that’ll take you lower than level 45 if you’re lucky. So instead of asking for a clan every 5 minutes (that was me in the beginning) just put the work in and somebody will notice eventually. That being said alliance raids offer a different currency and makes different characters available. Now who to farm first.

  1. THOR : Easy choice, No debate, he cost 100 shards so it’ll take awhile, but has a lot of health & his first skill hits for beautiful damage, his second skill chains and wrecks, & his AOE that’s where he’s amazing at, his AOE hits like a truck & has the opportunity to stun pretty much EVERY single unit on the enemy team.
  2. QUAKE : She’s amazing as well, her first skill causes slow on usually 3 units at a time, alongside Black Widow with widow casting speed up & quake casting slow, you’ll be hitting guys 3 times before they hit you once. Her AOE along with Thors and Yondu is one of the BEST AOE’s in the game, it can change the tide of any battle and singlehandedly crush teams if she isn’t killed before she uses it. This is a no brainer she’s the second best available unit behind Thor.
  3. Scientist Supreme : She’s pretty much the only choice after Quake, I haven’t unlocked her yet, I’m pretty set on starring Thor up, but she’s one of the best villain healers.

(HOW TO SPEND CORES ?) The answer is a rather simple one, the only thing you should be spending cores on, is energy twice a day for 50 cores each, & nothing else. Literally every Orb in the game is a waste of cores. Premiums seem to never drop full characters, so wasting 450 cores on 5 character shards hurts more than it helps. Seriously DON’T WASTE CORES ON ORBS, take it from a guy who has 2100 cores saved currently with no intent to spend them. One day I’m gonna need those cores for something and I’m gonna be damn ready when that day comes, you will be too if you listen to me.

This wraps up the Beginners Guide for MARVEL STRIKE FORCE, any other questions feel free to leave some below. I probably missed a couple things but it’s cool.

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